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We don't just breed dogs - We create cuddly companions!

It takes more than a good bloodline to produce a great pet. Here at Designer Puppies 4 U, our puppies are home-grown, 

handled daily (hourly sometimes) and are well socialized at an early age.  We are a small home based breeder.  Our dogs
are our pets, not breeding stock.  Because we are a small operation, w
e only have a few puppies each year, so check out
our puppies 4 sale page to see if we have any ready for adoption. 

All our dogs and puppies are registered with the International Designer Canine Registry. They are up-to-date with
vaccinations, worming, and vet checks. Their dew claws have been removed and some of our puppies have their tails
docked if we feel it will enhances their looks.  Not all breeders feel this is necessary, but we think little things count toward
the care and well being of our puppies. 

We welcome visitors into our home to see our puppies and know for sure we are not a clearinghouse for a puppy mill.

(Beware of breeders who do not allow you to inspect their breeding facilities.)

It's important to start your puppy out on the right foot, so we recommend the video training program that is hosted on our home page.


Meet our family at the Robbins' Hood

Our Dam: Miss Maggie Mae
Maggie at 1 year

The picture of the white dog in the header of the website is not Maggie, but she looks just like it! 
She is one of the best dogs we have ever owned.  She turned out to be a great mama too.
  (Her puppies are calm and well adjusted.) 

She is silver gray and buff, with a bit of brown on her ears.  Her coat is very thick and soft.  Morkies shed very little and are considered hypoallergenic,
so if you have allergies and want a dog, this is the type to have.

If you're wondering about the black box on her collar, it's the transmitter to our invisible fence - it works great!


                                                        Maggie at five years.                                      Maggie at 12 weeks.
She had black hair like some of her puppies, which later turned silver gray.  Maggie is a carrier of the "Parti" gene, and if bred to
a male who also carries the gene, at least one in every litter of puppies will be Parti colored - white with black spots and brown markings
on the face and ears.
  She has more of the Maltese traits, which means her ears hang down instead of standing up and she is super cuddly. 

Our past Sire: 
Sir Miles

Miles Miles - 1 

Miles at 14 weeks                           Miles at 2 years

Sir Miles has a super shiny coat, is well muscled and has Terrier personality traits.  He is alert, playful and full of energy. 
He is too cute when you talk to him - he tips his head from side to side as if it will help him understand the language better.
He started out tri-colored and turned a beautiful silver gray and buff with caramel colored ears and face.

The Morkie breed tends to change colors as they mature. 

Maltese dogs are white to begin with, so most Morkies will turn lighter with age.

Our newest family member and future sire  - Sir Raleigh


Raleigh at 8 weeks                                   Raleigh at 7 months                

Raleigh is a Golden colored Morkie (red head) with brown on his face and ears.  Dogs with this coloring are somewhat rare. 
Not only is his fur golden blond, but it's super soft. It was customary over the past 200 years in the Yorkshire Terrier circles
to either sterilize or kill dogs that didn't have standard coloring.
  It was considered to be a flaw in the genes, only now we
know there is nothing "wrong" with these dogs, so they are now
allowing them to enter the show ring.  When Raleigh is old
enough he will be our stud dog.
  We hope to have many more Golden Morkies in the future.

 Meet our friend Henry


Henry is a pure bred AKC registered 6 pound Yorkshire Terrier owned by our good friend Roxane Took. He has sired 8 beautiful litters of puppies.
He is the sire to our 2012 litter.

Stud Service

DesignerPuppies4U is proud to offer stud service. 

Raleigh is a first generation Morkie. D.O.B. 2-10-2012. He is healthy, well proportioned and registered with the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR). 
is a Golden Morkie, which means his fur is strawberry blond, super soft and very handsome.  He is an inside dog (pet), not a kennel dog, currant on all
vaccinations, worming and vet checks.

Because Morkies are a designer breed, it is wise to stay within the Yorkshire/Silky and Maltese breed mix.  We have also had great success with breeding 2nd
generation Morkies (Morkie to Morkie).  Raleigh is not the right sire for teacup size female.  We recommend that your female be over 8 lbs.

Henry is an AKC registered Yorkshire Terrier.  D.O.B.  4- 20-2007. His coloring is classic silver, buff and brown.  He is a proven sired of 7 litters.  Henry is 6 pounds
and can be bred to smaller, as well as standard size females.  He is also an inside dog (pet), not a kennel dog, currant on all vaccinations, worming and vet checks.

Stud Fee is $350, or choice of litter, for 2 (TWO) breeding ties. 

We ask that you provide proof of CURRENT vaccinations for your female before breeding. We will provide a copy of Raleigh and Henry’s shot records in addition to a
copy of the registration papers for puppy registration.

Better success is had if you know your dog’s cycle. Timing is everything. The recommended breeding schedule is:  first tie should take place on the 9th day of her
heat cycle (in the morning) and the 11th day of her heat cycle (also in the morning). If you live nearby you can bring your dog over each day or leave her with us
from the 8th day of her heat cycle until the 12th day of her heat cycle for an additional $50. 

We accept cash, Pay Pal, Green Dot or personal check (they must clear before service is rendered) as payment. Deposit is $75 and the remainder is due at time of services.

If interested in DesignerPuppies4U Stud Service, either for Raleigh or Henry, please use the Contact Us page and we will get back to you.


puppy penPotty Training Starts Early at the Robbins Hood

We start the potty training process for you by using three forms of early potty training.  One method is a grate system, we use the Ugodog (u-go-dog) brand. The gray rectangle on the right side of the puppy pen is where the Ugodog is located.  The puppies naturally use the grate as a potty spot.  That's not to say they don't potty elsewhere, but they do use the grate more times than not. You can use the Ugodog with or without pads.  Most of the time you can pick up the poo with a paper towel, but if it gets messy, you can rinse it off. It works GREAT!

Pee pads, they are a wonderful thing! We use pads in the puppy pen for easier clean up and to get them used to using a specific "place" to potty.  We scatter them on the floor of my office when they are out of the pen, and most of the time the puppies will look for a pad to use if they need to potty.  If you plan to travel with your dog, this is a vital method to use with your dog, as not all airports have a doggy potty area, or the dog spot they do have is a pain to use.  Teaching your dog to potty on a pad works great in the airport bathrooms.

For those who live in extreme climates or work all day, using an indoor potty system is a great answer to potty training issues. We highly recommend the Puppy Training Apartment, by  It is much like our puppy pen, only smaller.  There is a sleeping section and a potty section.  This is a much better crate training method than just locking your puppy up all day while you're out.  Puppies can't hold it all day, and if you work, you either have to clean up a mess all over your house or your puppy learns to potty where they sleep - both of this options are not good.  The Potty Training Puppy Apartment is an effective, humane way to handle potty training.
Click on the link and watch the video to see what we are talking about.


To purchase a Potty Training Puppy Apartment, use this link:

Use this code at check out for a nice discount: DP4U63033

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